Fiction Poetry Applications with All Techniques

Lyric Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Dramatic Poetry, Haiku Poetry, Fiction Limericks & Jingles, and Fiction Greeting Cards. Lyric poetry: Sonnets, Ode Examples is William Shakespeare.

Lyric poetry, sonnets, ode examples is William Shakespeare

Narrative poetry; is related to history, balled. Opera, epic stories.
Narrative poetry is related to history, balled. Opera, epic stories.

Dramatic poetry: Drama in poetry is when a story and describing any situation with rhyme and rhythm words are using this technique.
Dramatic poetry Drama in poetry when a story and describing any situation with rhyme and rhythm words are using this technique

The poem is part of creative writing in which we use rhyme and rhythm carefully. Creative expressions are shown with poetry and poems where we do not discuss anything directly but in a dramatic or poetry poem way. It is understanding what the reader expects.

Short Story and Historical Fiction | Jobs on freelancing platforms for Limerick Writers

The jobs market in the creative writing market so that is why we use poetry to enjoy people. Examples:
Haiku poetry: is a Japanese form of poetry with three lines of 5, 7, and 5 moras. Amora is a sound entity, like a syllable, although is not like it. Max people right say it is a syllable by reason it doesn’t translate fit to English. An example of Haiku Poetry is: “Falling to the ground, I watch a leaf settle down. In a bed of brown”
This is like a short poem or story. We know people and audiences of different kinds like the short way to do something better and in creative writing, this will help them easily.

Lambic pentameter: In which we discussed this because the poetry field is really important for Example:
Iambic pentameter in which we discussing this because poetry field is really important for example

Another example of William Shakespeare’s poetry is:

Another example of William Shakespeare poetry is

Writing Fiction Limericks & Jingles

In a digital environment nowadays, there is a big opportunity that us to write limericks. Limericks are silly poems with five lines and are often based on comedy. They are often funny or nonsensical. A famous limerick writer is Edward Lear and his book written on limericks name is “BOOK of NONSENSE” IN EIGHTEEN HUNDRED”.

In limerick creative authoring the third and fourth lines rhyme with each different and have an equal composition of syllables ( generally 5 to 6). Limericks much start with the line “There once was a SOMETHING OTHER …” or “There was a something else”
In the digital environment nowadays there is a big opportunity that we write limericks, limericks is a silly poem with five lines and often based on comedy.

An other Example of This Start any Short Story in Fiction Writing is:
An other Example of This Start any Short Story in Fiction Writing is

So, when we go to freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Guru, and others, we find a lot of freelancer clients that have a lot of jobs for limerick writing. We now know a day’s audience like short content on the internet. Now another example of creative writing is;
We now know a day’s audience like short content on the internet. Now another example of creative writing is

Jingles | Jingle Examples with Commercial, Brands, Funny, Advertising, News, and Food related;

Jingles are mostly used in advertising brands globally. In which we describe the feeling of that brand and recall proceeding. Daily we see advertising on our TV ads, social platforms, YouTube, and others. Jingles are often remembered in everyone’s mind because jingles are made with creative songs and using with tunes that remember in the listener’s mind. Online as we know about Upwork, freelancer, guru, and have a great job for jingles writing. There are a lot of examples but in which national and international brands are in include DINGDONG SONG, COCA-COLA, and COCOMO.
jingle examples with commercial, brands, funny, ads perspective describing

When a jingle is popular the visuals of the jingle while providing variety in the visuals. Jingles is difficult to create but if you have a creative mind then it is easy for you but little more.

Top 30 Jingles Writing Examples and services available Online Writing jobs for 2022;

  1. Commercial jingles
  2. Radio jingles
  3. Jingle palette
  4. McDonald’s jingle
  5. Famous jingles
  6. Old commercial jingles
  7. State farm jingle
  8. Old spice jingle
  9. Jingle punks
  10. Folgers jingle
  11. Catchy jingles
  12. Popular jingles
  13. Jingle music
  14. Meow mix jingle
  15. Coca-cola jingle
  16. Famous commercial jingles
  17. Advertising jingles
  18. Jingle writer
  19. Jingles for ads
  20. Commercial jingles 2022
  21. Jingle writing examples
  22. Popular commercial jingles
  23. News jingle
  24. Brand jingles
  25. Food jingles
  26. Pepsi jingle
  27. Funny jingles
  28. Simple jingle
  29. Fast food jingles
  30. Jingle for YouTube

We see in the example words are used with rhymes and we describe the feelings and the message in it is, what is the trend about ice cream, and what about fun. Now we create another jingle for shoes; For tapping the global market we use English expect our language because we see it globally.
Jingle for Shoes;
Tap tap tapping
Click click clicking
Dance the trot or Swing
These are the shoe to make you sing?

Why do we use jingles?

Writing jingles for jobs were selling the brands we use jingles because of selling the brands and how we show aspects of products and product elements. It’s very well-paying jobs.

Writing Fiction Greeting Cards

A long time ago greeting cards are used in the shape of physical touchable cards. But now cards or greeting cards are online. Greeting cards we write be funny, emotional, and loveable, with respect to creativity in the writing. Mostly greeting cards relevant to the slang, dialogs, and chillax, in the context perspective. In greeting cards, we use creative language, precise, poetic, rhyme, pros, serious, short and succinct.

What are the ways where you will earn the money by creating greeting cards?

Jobs on freelancing platforms and hallmark, blue mountain arts, calypso cards, noble works, oatmeal studios, rsvp, shade tree greetings, smart Alex, and Viabella.
We go to these websites and submit our greeting cards on them. Hallmark is the platform where we submit our created greeting cards and they get paid.

Writing for Greeting Cards and Applications;

All the holidays are used greeting cards right now. All social media and freelancing platforms have jobs about creating content on greeting cards. Examples of greeting cards on occasions are;
Happy holidays from our house to yours
To all things, there is a period of season and occasion I’ll be available for you as far as this passes.
Every time you see these blooms,
Remember someone is thinking of you!
Hope this brightens your day!
Sending sunny thoughts to…
Brighten your day
Most situations are simple to creating lines as greeting cards. More Examples of this,
Hope these make your ordinary day, extraordinary!
For the smart and latest case of all … nor
I hope you’re my friend ever because that’s how long I’m going to want you!
May your day and nights exist as fabulous as you want?
Sending you bunches of hugs and kisses
The natural happiness and joy of the stunning can be a source of wonder and admiration to me!
Sending your smiles

Greeting cards are used for birthdays, weddings, spreading happiness, uses for different relatives like Grandparents, mothers, fathers somebody you love, and many more.

The greeting card message for mother is;

Mom you are the reason I have this life you are my strength and may this day be full of all the wonderful in life “happy birthday”
Greeting card message for a wedding is;
A beautiful union of two beautiful souls may you live happily ever after “Happy Wedding”

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