Mcleodganj – The Footsteps of Dalai Lama

The Himalayan town of Mcleodganj, which is a part of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, is the ideal perfect retreat. Dharamsala and Mcleodganj, once popular hill towns in Himachal Pradesh, are steadily becoming a hotspot for foreigners (Okcanc) who have fled the city to live in the Himalayas.

The name Dharamsala, which means “rest home,” comes from the fact that Mcleodganj used to be a favourite summer vacation spot for the officers stationed at the Kangra cantonment during the British India rule. Later, the hill station changed into a Tibetan refugee centre and a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site when the Dalai Lama sought shelter at Mcleodganj. Beautiful monasteries, waterfalls, and lakes set against the majestic Dhauladhar Himalayas make Mcleodganj a desirable tourist destination.

Where to go when in Mcleodganj?

The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts

One of Asia’s top art centres, founded in 1959 by Tenzin Gyatso, has won praise for its outstanding performance. It has developed into a multi-disciplined cultural institution that offers instruction in a variety of creative forms, such as dance, music, and theatre, taught by renowned instructors from India and outside. The site features handicraft and filmmaking facilities, as well as a significant collection of Tibetan folk art.

Bagalamukhi Temple

Bagalamukhi Temple is situated 30 kilometres from Kangra district, in the Dhauladnar ranges of the Himalayas. Two separate Sanskrit terms are the origin of Bagalamukhi. Mukhi means face, while Bagala means bride. Her name suggests that she have the strength to combat evil.

The temple is devoted to ten Shakti goddesses, and it is said that after engaging in homagni and yajna, any desire made is realised. Since yellow is thought to be her favourite colour, the temple has been painted in that shade, visitors frequently don yellow outfits, and yellow flowers are donated to the goddess.

Bhagsu Falls

This is one of McLeod Ganj’s most fascinating tourist destinations. Its name comes from the surrounding village of Bhagsu and refers to a waterfall that cascades down a Dhauladhar mountain slope. The months of July through October are the finest for seeing the falls since the water level drops and little swimming pools become visible.

The famed Bhagsunath Temple, which is located closer to the stream, is the main draw. After the short hike to the falls, you may indulge in mouthwatering meals and snacks at nearby cafes. Above the waterfall is the renowned “Shiva Café.”

Dalai Lama Temple

Since it is the most significant Buddhist temple in the area, monks live there and their “Gompa,” among other religious buildings, may be found there. Buddha, Avalokiteshwara, Arya Tara, Manjushri, and Chenresig are a few of the more well-known gods worshipped in the temple.

Even though non-Tibetans are not permitted within the worship area, it is nevertheless a beautiful spot to see from the outside. There is also a gift shop and a bookstore where you may purchase intriguing literature. Visitors to a tiny museum in the backyard can learn about Tibetan history, culture, and religion.

Namgyal Monastry

The 14th Dalai Lama monastery is also known as the Namgyal Monastery, which is located 50 kilometres from Dharamsala and around 2 kilometres from McLeod Ganj. It was constructed in 1575 by Gendun Gyatso, the second Dalai Lama. According to legend, the monastery is well endowed with several valuables that are safely stored in its four storey-high rooms. The Namgyal Monastery is a place of worship that is reached via a flight of stairs and is perched on a hill.

Buddhist rituals including the Kalachakra, vajrakilaya, guhyasamaja, Yamantaka, and chakrasamavara are performed there in a sacred space. All visitors are welcome to join the monks in their peaceful meditation practise at this monastery.

Triund Trek

One of the best things to do in McLeod Ganj is the triund trek. It is a lovely journey that passes through numerous cities and villages and offers views of the deodar forest, Himalayan peaks, and secret springs. Given that Triund Hill is approximately 9 kilometres away, it is almost like a position from where you can see the all of McLeod Ganj. With your loved ones, you may relish in the sunset and sunrise in Triund.

Jwala Ji Temple

Jwalaji Temple is located close to the city of Kangra, around 10 kilometres from McLeod Ganj. This temple, one of India’s 51 shaktipeeth, is thought to be devoted to Goddess Jwala Devi. It is thought that this is where Sati’s tongue, symbolised by the Holy Flames or Jwala that is always blazing, fell.

All throughout the year, especially during the festival season from April to June, devotees come to this location.

Stay facilities in Mcleodganj

If you are looking for a budget stay, then you can opt for a hostel in Mcleodganj. It would be a great experience with your loved ones and friends or even if you are travelling solo.


Your Mcleodganj itinerary is determined by how many days you have. Start from Mcleodganj to explore the Dalai Lama temple, Bhagsu temple and waterfall, Dal lake, St. John’s church, and other temples on your first day if you only have two days or a weekend. Keep your second day free to explore Dharamshala and the surrounding area. Visit monasteries, the cricket stadium, and other points of interest.


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