Online Media kinds & Importance of Content Marketing

Writing an Op-ed

An Op-ed originally short for “opposite the editorial page” although often taken to stand for “opinion editorial” is a written prose piece typically published by a newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of a named author usually not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board.

Writing an Op-ed

 Or opinion editorials,

How do we write editorials?

  • Firstly, chose a topic to write about.


The opinion article limit is 750 words in one article and makes points with descriptions.

  • Put your main point on top
  • Tell the reader why they should care: why they read you? Tell them it is important for you because I care for you.
  • Give the facts and research with the opinion
  • Showing is better than discussing: don’t make talks on fly
  • Use short sentences & paragraphs and be easy to read.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your personal voice
  • Avoid Jargons
  • Using active voice
  • Avoid tedious rebuttals
  • Acknowledge the other side
  • Make your ending winner: ending should be in the winner
  • Relax & have fun! Giving information is a good habit.

How to submit an article?

Chose the paper where we try to publish the article after writing the title and descriptions.

Editorial and Letter to the Editor Writing

As noted previously, an op-ed is an opinion column by an identified author who is usually not a representative of the publication’s editorial board.

Op-ed An Op-ed is a written prose piece typically published by a newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of a named author usually not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board.

What is an editorial?

A newspaper article expressing the editor’s opinion on a topical issue.

How to write an editorial?

  1. Explain/describe/interpret the topic
  2. Discuss the details of a topic and interpret it after criticizing the issue. But fault in the way of constructive.

How to write an editorial?

  1. Persuade the readers about the truth of the editorial’s main argument.
  2. The format of editorials is also like talk shows.

What is a letter to the editor?

A letter to the editor (sometimes abbreviated LTTE or LTE) is a letter sent to a publication about issues of concern to its readers. Usually, letters are intended for publication. In many publications, letters to the editor may be sent either through conventional mail or electronic mail.

Why do we write an editorial letter?

Because we have great interest in raising any issue and suggestion any idea or influence the policies traditionally and write like a letter. And why we describe the situation and issues.

  • Writing a letter to the editor example
  • Lack of jobs
  • Hello Mr editor,
  • I am sure you must be doing well sitting in your luxurious office working happily and earning for your family. I. can only wish for such an event in my life.
  • You guessed I have no job-why? Because there are no jobs. Decades have gone and we still await the promise of our leaders to be fulfilled.
  • End

We give our opinion in an easily readable conversation with the creativity and fulfillment of entertainment.

Online Media & Importance of Content Marketing

Online media is fast media for conveying the news or information worldwide in one touch that is held on digital media and devices. Any media that is encoded in machine-readable formats is considered digital media.

In digital media popular things and platforms like social media (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). digital media have all types of content: news, entertainment, a mixture of television and print media, in-depth articles, blogs, e-books, websites, portals, information hubs, fast news, drama, and YouTubing included. YouTubing is the new way to earn money where you upload videos and content and earn money. The freelancing opportunity of this is high because the future is digitized.

  • So, there is some sort of negativity in digital media | online media is:
  • News verification means that news is truth | or lie.

Jobs opportunities for online media on freelancing platforms | and other channels are:

  1. Brand journalist: writing for all brands and organizations.
  2. Seo copywriter: search engine optimization means ranking ourselves on search engines.
  3. Digital/UX writer: apps writer
  4. Conversion rate optimization/ lead generation writers: who they are, convert the behavior of the audience, leads, and customers.
  5. Subject matter expert: popular field.
  6. Influencer: celebrity.
  7. Social media writers: write for social media.
  8. Digital advertising copywriter:
  9. Technical writers:  write technical documents, research, and subjects.
  10. Grant writer: responding writing.
  11. Content marketing has a lot of jobs :
Content marketing has a lot of jobs
Content marketing has a lot of jobs

Why is content writing important?

Content marketing is very important not just because it serves to develop trust, generate leads, and cultivate client loyalty, but also because it has become the new normal from the perspective of the consumer. Persuade the decision-makers.

Types of Online Media Writings and Requirements

How many opportunities are available for online media writing?

  • Online media writing on,,
  • Writing tests & quizzes: it has to attract people when writing in a typical way.
  • Blog writing: in-demand field.
  • Social media content writer: all social platforms have different writers.
  • Website writer: writing content is difficult because this has more pages for writing like contact us, about us, services, products, who are we, values, and missions, write these in a specific way for engaging audiences.
  • Seo content writer:
  • E-magazine & bulletin writer: day by day it’s updated.
  • e-course/ tutorial writers: description and teaching online and things that for discussion write it down.
  • e-book editors have great jobs in demand.
  • Digital copywriters: advertising digital advertising copy for writing.
  • Mobile text writing:  celebrities search for people that they write for them.

Writing Entertainment Website Content

  • What are website content and entertainment website content?
  • We know the products must be available on the internet called entertainment websites. These are the sites in which English-based websites mostly.

Web sites have videos, text, and picture-oriented content used. Mostly, sites are fashion-based and all entertainment. Make sure to create original content and make original value.

Make sure who is the audience and what they need.

Make sure who is the audience and what they need.

  1. First, you talk in general and get more attraction from the audience by giving them the main information and crux. Don’t let them boot!
  2. Write short, simple sentences: easily use language base sentences.
  3. Use casual language, that is fun and entertaining.
  4. Layering website content: make the writing simple but interesting by using layering writing.
  5. Leave them wanting more: give teasers. It is very engaging content.
  6. For example, the ten steps to creating your feel-good wardrobe. Clothes define you and make a statement about your personality. But at the same time also have an effect on our mood. Below we share 10 steps for a great mood with feel-good wardrobe choices.
  7. Step one1 glitter: use a lot of glitter on clothes and we guarantee you feel amazing.

Writing Information for Website Content

  • Information website content writing reaches us when writers write for us.
  • If the content is good that is what is going to set you apart from others.
  • These all sites give large and authentic information to all the audiences.

Writing Information for Website Content

Websites give:

  • Facts,
  • Information
  • Knowledge/awareness
  • Concisely.

Writing should be;

  • Factual
  • Research-oriented
  • Good presentation.

Tips for writing;

  • Language has to be casual all the time
  • It has to add entertainment value to it otherwise the audience gets boring.
  • Casual yet objective and subjective
  • Use images, videos, infographics, Gifs, and animations.
  • Are you using proper grammar and spelling, and is your content coherent?

Don’t complications and get generic?

  • Does it have good internal and external links? Link is really important because some people and audiences need more information to get the link.
  • Does the content provide value? The content does make sense?

Let’s discuss it with an example?

Sample-how to reduce weight in 7 days? Losing weight is a household priority. We are looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight. We have a perfect solution or your weight problem. Seven days and guaranteed weight loss. Follow the plan below and say hello to a new you in just seven days.

Step 1: On day one eat only vegetables plus 8 eight glasses of water. So, on us describing and giving them information concisely and describing this with day by day planning, that what they should do for losing weight in seven days.

Writing for Online Media Link SEO and SEM

Seo is Search engine optimization in which you rank your product, and services, on google with catching organic traffic. On the other hand, search engine marketing is paid service for ranking something on google and any other search engine. Content matches with google and any search engine standards.

Keywords are very important in SEO, because computers | the internet | and search engine, crawl when someone types about trevally. So, there they make sure by using 200+ Google SEO standards and ranking it.

  • Targeted traffic to a website can provide;
  • Publicity
  • Revenue
  • Exposure extra.

Seo copywriting; with creativity, innovation, keywords using. And write like the audience want that they persuade readers. Google feels certain words and phrases, especially long tail phrases are popular.

6 Key Tips for SEO, and SEM Writing are;

Get your keywords research ON; see research on other websites and get keywords that promote your website and the words that rank them on google. This research is really important.

  1. Put the keywords to WORK; in the Headline and Body sophistically and creatively putting them.
  2. Write about something people care about; related leads and then they click on the website for reading more and we get traffic.
  3. Know the basics of technical SEO; layout, HTML codding, and placements should be considered.
  4. Make it long enough to count; long text used in comp prepare to other content on the site.
  5. Watch your analytics; check the behavior.
  6. Edit your work; write again and again when you see there is no response comes.
  7. Become your own online PR () agency; spread the content all platforms regarded you.
  8. Consider that becoming a master in SEO writing takes time;

Key tips for SEO and sem?

Headline; a headline that conveys a specific message or idea works best with search users. This means the headline gives a specific message.

Content; blog two to three times a week if you want to write the best content that will rank well on Google, you have to target keywords phrases. If you want that google ranks, please add keywords to the title and description.

  • Meta description; a technical arm that helps the search.
  • Writing for SEO and SEM sample;

6 Key Tips for SEO, and SEM Writing are;

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