What is Fiction Writing and examples

What is Fiction Writing?

There is no fact of reality. Fiction is made-up. It is all about imagination capturing and making the stories. For example, a child comes to his mother and says, I was listening to a story on the moon from my grandmother. We know this is not possible but that thinking of the children is based on his imagination.

  • How do we decide on fiction writing and where does fiction writing come from?
  1. Fiction writing comes from our dreams day and night, reality.
  2. In fiction, we feel happiness and decide maybe this story is happening or something like that.
  3. Fiction writing is far from us in our lives for some sometime.
  4. We need to make sure that while it’s embedded in reality, there is a lot of imagination in there.
  5. In writing fiction, we should let our imagination widely absolutely.

We think of a room and think about what things we want in the room and try to come to some people in there. more over. If you want to learn more about What is creative writing and its jobs on freelancing platforms, so click HERE

So, what is fiction? How to write like a fiction writer?

It is very important to observe everything in detail. And write all the details. For example, we assume that car details in fiction writing, write a car that has big tires and runs on the road by gripping the road but when, it needs to speed get higher in the air for increasing the speed, etc. with inspiring sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell, mind.

What should we think about Fiction Writing?

  • Observe things people, and environments and describe every detail about them.
  • Think in the way of wording and somehow in picturing.

Can We Describe Comedic Writing in Fiction and What are the Types?

Comedy writing:
The is used for comedic writing is called “K RULE”. K Rule; is using words with the KAA sound. Cadillac, quadruple, quotation, guacamole, gargle, gurgle, by using these wordings in writing make sense concerning science.
Rule of Three; in which we use 3 words and 2 words to make a comedic effect. For example, try to say, we lose weight, we use the words “eat less” ”drink less, etc.” and now use comedic effect by using these types of quotes of sentences to make the comedic sense complete “and get NASA to get your groomer and antigravity area” here is the last sentence is comedic.
Comparison joke; when we compare two things with each other without any reason or cause and authenticity, it makes you laugh. For example, quitting smoking is very difficult, “quitting smoking is as difficult as flossing a cat’s teeth”
Cliché; using this is for writing on the behalf of comedic sense is best. Try a funny situation. “A funny anecdote” is about a short interesting story about a real incident or person. For example, a man slipped off on a banana.

Note about Comedic Writing in Fiction is;

  • The punch line of comedy is time.
  • Get things and attention to routine work and things.
  • For doing this we should try to do these parts. Story ideas, incidents, characters, twists on a story,
  • Language like KAA rules.

Why Comedy Writing is so Important in 2022?

On the internet version, comedy writing becomes more and more popular like memes, jokes, funny videos, comedy comics, etc.
Slapstick comedy; is also included in drama situations.

Creating suspense and horror in fiction creative writing:

In suspense, we create both situations as a hero and villain stakes are very high also, by applying pressure the hero will do something or not. With creating “CREATE A DELIMA”, “COMPLICATING MATTERS”, “UNPREDICTABILITY”.
We also write about our family or members on it.
Creating suspense

  1. Construct anticipation for your chapter’s most suspenseful happenings.
  2. Concede key information your signed and characters don’t yet know them.
  3. Use smaller sentences to gain pace, tension, and attention also.
  4. Create constraints that complicate character goals.
  5. Depict gripping character dilemmas.

Writing Fiction in “Sarcasm”
Use positive words in it.
Polite sarcasm,

Writing Fiction Sarcasm Application & Technique

Another example is where we are discouraged (tune or joke) others from giving him honor. always use positive sense by using positive words and also try to apply them politely. now we learn What is Fiction Writing and examples.

explanation of fiction dramatic writing
what are fiction writing and what types of examples explanation of fiction dramatic writing?

How To Write A Emotional, Impressive Dramatic, And Deep Short Story

We describe drama with some examples also; go ahead something to the creativity. say what you want for craziness. Create topics for the readers and start to end full with suspension and credibility. Show major suspects of your characters and consider the start to the end of the characters. this is important to learn What is Fiction Writing and examples.

In writing short stories with drama and morals, we often say all the procedures for making this. These characteristics are included.

  • Characters research
  • And make stories etc. search it on YouTube. Drama is the old way to explain a story.
  • Plan for drama:
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Climax
  • Ending

How do write a fiction poem or poetry?

Poetry way: in which we make laugh, cry, yawn, and what makes my toenails twinkle, what makes me want to do this or that or nothing?” This is the definition of poetry beauty is truth, the center point is the use of conciseness of words, and uses 7 senses of us. so, we know, now that, What are Fiction Writing and what examples.

Is poetry fiction or nonfiction? the answer to this “YES” poem or poetry is fiction because there we discuss facts with different entertaining situations.
Poetry types:

  1. Sonnet
  2. Blank verse
  3. Limerick
  4. Tanka
  5. Sestina
  6. Villanelle
  7. Acrostic
  8. Narrative
  9. The epic couplet is historical novel like extra.

Jobs on Freelancing Platforms for Poem or Short Story Poetry Writing:

Following is a particular review of applying most of the most consuming, both older and new poetry platforms in 2022.

You can also hire the best poets for English writing in 2022. Jingles, limericks, editing poetry, greeting cards, content writing, and social media content.
Be careful about Rhyme & Rhythm words, poetic forms, etc.

Fiction Poetry Applications & Techniques

Examples of English poetry.
Syllable: this is the first pattern and type of meter for poetry like meter sequence, stress, and unstressed.

FIVE 5 Types of Meter for Fiction Poetry in Creative Writing ARE

Fiction Poetry Applications & Techniques

  1. Lambic: Two-syllable unstressed and stressed.
  2. Trochaic: Two syllables stressed and unstressed.
  3. Spondaic: Two syllables stressed and stressed.
  4. Anapestic: Three syllables unstressed, unstressed, and stressed.
  5. Dactylic: Three syllables stressed, unstressed, and unstressed.

Fiction Poetry Applications & Techniques WITH flow CHART


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