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WTool is a mass WhatsApp messaging application. Users may interact with their target audience in the most effective and organic way possible with our bulk WhatsApp messaging service. It allows users to send personalized communications to potential clients without being flagged as spam or prohibited.

WTool also allows users to attach items such as photographs, videos, documents, PDFs, and so on to WhatsApp bulk messages for enhanced interactivity. WTool is not your ordinary WhatsApp mass messenger since it also assists in the creation and management of commercial campaigns via WhatsApp.

Functions provided by WTool

Here are some notable features of WTool:

  • Built-in custom messaging capabilities.
  • Users can schedule messages. This will help you set a date and time to automatically send your message and start your marketing campaign.
  • A delay control function is also available to the user. This allows you to set a timer between sending messages and bypass WhatsApp’s spam detection.
  • The software allows an individual to instantly import all contact details in bulk via her CSV or TXT file.

WTool has an easy-to-use interface, takes little to no time to learn, and is completely customer-centric. This WhatsApp bulk messaging software allows users to send multimedia files such as images, videos, Word documents, PDFs, etc. during marketing campaigns.

The software is configured directly through WhatsApp’s network layer. This ensures reliable instant message delivery.

WTool bulk WhatsApp messaging software provides real-time email support and helps customers solve their problems in real time.

What are the advantages of using WTool WhatsApp Bulk Sender?

online php sandbox
online php sandbox

The following are some advantages of using the WTool WhatsApp marketing tool:

  • organic marketing approach
  • Target your audience effectively
  • Marketing campaign
  • Appropriate product promotion and communication with h-suffix
  • Two-way communication
  • cheap marketing
  • Batch SMS function added

How much does WTool WhatsApp bulk messaging software cost?

WTool costs 144.61$ per year.

Read more: https://www.techjockey.com/detail/wtool/

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