Yano Hinaki Solo Album FLAC

If you enjoy the sound of Yano Hinaki Solo Album Flac, you can get his solo album in FLAC format for free. The speaker produces the CD-quality sound that you expect. However, if you enjoy music, you will be pleased to know that it is now available on iTunes. You can also listen to it on Tidal for free. 

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Yano Hinaki

Yano Hinaki is a Hygo Prefecture-based Japanese singer and voice actor signed to Sony Music Artists. In 2008, she debuted as an idol with Stardust Promotion, then in 2010, she joined Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. FLAC, her debut solo album, was released on May 27, 2020. 

Yano Hinaki Early life

Hinaki was born on March 5, 1997, and began her singing career as a Stardust Promotion idol. It is related to the Piecees group. Hinaki has worked on a variety of projects since joining Sony Music Artists in 2014. She is presently a member of the vocal duo Utata Neko Uta Gekidan. On May 12, 2014, the group made their live debut at @JAM NEXT vol.7.

Yano Hinaki Artist

Yano Hinaki, a singer and voice actress, announced a few days ago that her first solo album since 2008, FLAC, will be released on April 12th via Sony Music Entertainment Japan. This isn’t just any old album release; it’s one of the few of its sort to be solely available in FLAC format, making it an even more special experience for audiophiles or fans seeking to show their support by purchasing a physical copy as well.

Yano Hinaki’s solo album Flac

She is an idol, and the singer is currently represented by Sony Music Artists. He began his career in 2008 as a member of Momonaki before joining Stardust Promotions. In 2010, he joined Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. Her debut solo album is set to be released on May 27, 2020.

The first single from Yano Hinaki’s upcoming solo album Flac is now available in FLAC format. The album will be released on April 12th by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. If you’ve been waiting for this model for a while, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s finally available for free. This strategy is ideal for musicians. 

It enables improved compatibility with different audio players, allowing you to listen to the album on any device. It allows you to save it wherever you wish. The album features 11 tracks and is in FLAC format, so you may listen to it on a number of devices.

Hinaki Yano Profile

Hina and Hinaki

Birth Date March 5, 1997 (age 25).

Hyogo Prefecture was her birthplace.

A blood type.

The elevation is 147 cm.

Dance and analysis are hobbies.

Piecees (2008), Momonaki (2009), and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (2010) are associated acts.


Available on iTunes

The new solo FLAC album by singer Yano Hinaki is now available in FLAC format on iTunes. Stutter-free CD sound is provided by this technology. They also provide greater assistance to musicians than other brands. 

The library can also be purchased. Yano Hinaki is a singer and actress from Japan. Sony Music Artists represents him. In 2010, he joined Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku after beginning his career as an idol with Stardust Promotion. 

Son’s debut album, “Women’s Love,” will be published on May 27, 2020. In 2008, he returned to Stardust, and in 2010, he joined Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. From 2008 to 2009, he was a member of Momonaki, and he is currently a member of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugoku.

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